Safety First - Active Pure Air Filtration

The following is from Alex Paul, General Partner of Beaverton Lodge and co-owner with Laura Ross-Paul.

“When Covid was first threatening the Lodge community we searched for any air treatment system that might help prevent the spread of the virus. This was in addition to providing KN-95 masks and room service for meals at no charge to our residents.

Our maintenance manager found this air treatment technology that was developed by NASA to keep the space station air pure. This technology is now used in operating rooms to keep the air as sterile as possible. An explanation of how this system works can be found at

We installed the air treatment systems on our nine natural gas furnaces that provide heat and air conditioning for all of our hallways and common areas.

The apartments themselves are heated by baseboard electric and heat pumps. This results in the hallways and common areas being at a slightly higher air pressure than the apartments, meaning that the treated air gradually circulates into each apartment.

I credit this system with the fact that we have not had one resident catch Covid during this entire pandemic. Residents have also reported a far lower level of colds and flu and reduced allergy symptoms during heavy allergy times like hay fever.

When we installed the system you could tell that it was working because the air smelled fresh, like a day at the mountains or coast. I think the best, visible, test of the system was during the massive forest fires in the summer of 2020. Outside the atmosphere was very heavy with that horrible smoke. Inside Beaverton Lodge you could not even smell smoke.

I was so impressed by this system that we installed it in our house. And during the forest fires, we experienced the same smoke-free environment. As well, it has eliminated pet odors and any other odors in our home.

Inside Our Apartments

Newly renovated apartments with upgraded patios, bathrooms, kitchens, and granite countertops

Studio Apartment (520 sq. ft.)

$2,815 – $2,930

1 Bedroom - 1 Bath (680-755 sq. ft.)

$3,370 – $3,625

2 Bedroom - 1 Bath (909-1054 sq. ft.)

$3,545 – $4,585

2 Bedroom - 2 Bath (980 sq. ft.)

$3,885 – $4,445

Each Apartment Offers

  • Spacious apartments with extra- large storage rooms.
  • All utilities included (except telephone)
  • Complimentary Standard Comcast TV (additional packages available)
  • Kitchen with full-size refrigerators, counter top cooking unit, disposal and plenty of storage space
  • Bathrooms with balance support bars, low barrier bathtubs and showers for easy access and safety.
  • Air conditioning/heating units for individual apartment temperature control.
  • Emergency call pull cords in every apartment with on-site resident managers for 24 hour response.
  • Storm windows that virtually eliminate outside noise with safety latches.
  • Full window drapes
  • Wall to wall carpeting
  • Large outside decks and patios (except on studios)
  • Sound resistant construction
  • Fire sprinkler system throughout apartments and community.
  • Weekly housekeeping and linen service


1. Beaverton Lodge

2. Stuhr Center

 3. Farmer’s Market

4. Beaverton Library

5. Beaverton Town Square

6. Griffin Park

7. City Hall

8. Washington Square

9. The Silicon Forest

10. Cedar Hills Crossing

11. Downtown Portland

12. Pacific Coast